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Friday, February 11, 2005


As some of you may know, i have a side project called Bobby Generic, which is basically electronica with heavy emphasis on sounds from the 8-bit NES game console. The NES might as well have been a big brother to me, i grew up with it and the experiences i had with it and concerning it has probably shaped me as a human being far more than anything else. I have nothing but love for it.

Today, my vintage '89 Nintendo/Mattel Powerglove arrived. God bless ebay.

Join me or die, can you do any less!?

My god. This thing is about the tackiest thing i have ever worn, but it has a form of tactile charm to its tackiness that makes me want to kiss it all over (though god knows who's worn it before me, yech). It's rubber, lycra, plastic and cables, and my god, i can almost feel the lightning bolts already:

Bahaha look at that smirk. Hoo boy.
And one more for the road:

I know i'm a geek. But jesus babby christ, i used to dream of this thing when i was a little kid. Actually owning one makes my heart quake.

Now.. What else do i need ;D


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