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Friday, February 11, 2005

Wild Battlin' Broncos

Howdy. First post.

It's 3:17am, Oslo time, so no brainy escapades right now. Made a hellishly dirty AS1 XML parser at work today which drained me completely. Spent the afternoon playing Pandora tomorrow (best online ninja game to date) on xbox live, where some retarded kid (i swear the kid was retarded) kept going "wheee" loudly and obnoxiously whenever anyone croaked, apparently carrying 3 different conversations at the same time. A typical exchange is as follows:

guy: Switch teams
retardo: I was playing Halo!
guy: *unintelligible noise*
retardo: Allright!
*game starts*
retardo: What are you watching, Harry Potter?
*kid blows something up*
retardo: WHEEE*noise and static*EEEE
*kid shoots something*
retardo: WHEEEEEEEE. WHEEEE *audio cuts for a second* EEEEE
*game ends*
retardo: No i was playing Halo
guy: *unintelligible noise*
*i leave*

What a joy Live is. Now i must sleep.


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