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Friday, March 11, 2005

God DAMN i hate overly complicated titles

One look at the downloads section of 3dgamers is enough. Look over yonder.
  • Gods and heroes: Rome rising
  • Aurora watching: Gorky zero
  • Act of war: Direct action
  • Project: Snowblind
  • Supremacy: Four paths to power
  • Fire Captain: Bay area inferno
  • Last half of darkness: Shadows of the servants (what the hell!?)
Now one for the latest reviews on Gamespot:
  • Shaman king: Legacy of the spirits
  • Nexus: The jupiter incident
  • Klonoa 2: Dream champ tournament
  • Heritage of kings: The settlers
  • Brothers in arms: Road to hill 30
  • Aerial strike: The yager missions
  • Devil may cry 3: Dante's awakening
  • Dai Senryaku 3: Modern Military Tactics
  • Cops 2170: The power of law (bahaha)
I dare believe this phenomenon of rampant insanity in the publishers court, not the developers.

Who the hell CARES if it's Dante's awakening? He's in the game! We know!
What does "the jupiter incident" add to the title Nexus?
The beautiful "Shadows of the servants" is nonsense one way or the other. Adding a colon does not make a title "cool", neither does adding the word "Project" or some other thing.
In my eyes, a thoughtless byline is representative of lacking imagination. If you can't tell the game setting in its title in a satisfactory manner without writing a damn novel out of it, you're doing something wrong to begin with.

Grow up already.


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