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Friday, October 28, 2005

Shishaldin needs to get her ass kicked. Now.

These aren't recent news, but they were to me.

Isidore Ducasse is one of my favorite authors, in spite of only having written one true piece. Fantastic surrealism imbued with viciously attentive freedom philosophy, Les chants de Maldoror is a core piece of literature. And now this immature disrespectful bitch of an "artist" invokes some absurd french law that allows her to posthumously marry the man. I'll liken this to rape of a memory, and it sullies his purity and the otherness that makes him such a strong historic character.

Fuck the french, fuck Shishaldin. If the chance pops by she'll get a swift backhand to the facial region. Audacity is not a right, and fucking over a man's undying memory is the best reason i've ever heard to beat the living shit out of a person.

What the hell is wrong with artists that think audacity and counterproductivity is a measure of art? Fuck you guys! You can't create, so you destroy as an expression? Leeches, you get exactly what's coming to you.


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