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Monday, November 28, 2005

Why Gamespy is shit

A terrible, flat and uninquisitive review, which is sad: Miguel Lopez used to be a star reviewer for Gamespot. It's hard to put it in any other words really. I recently played through King Kong for xbox, and found it a completely riveting experience. The review doesn't attend to idiosyncracies between the various versions of the game (it's on every console known to man), pays little attention to individual aspecs of the gameplay, but spends longer debating what "could have been" or what "should have been".

Game reviewers are not game designers, but consumers with a birds eye view. Get your role right. You review what you have, not what you personally wanted it to be. Gamespy falls in this trap again and again and again, and the resulting prose is about as relevant to anyone as my toilet habits.

And that part with the alligators: There's a rifle with a huge number of clips available to the player before going anywhere near that part. If Mr Lopez couldn't find that, why level a quarter of the review against that one niggle? Classic example of a completely unnecessary review.


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