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Thursday, December 22, 2005

40 year old virgin

It's a good movie, really. Actually it's pretty awesome, fantastically clever writing for what it is (being a crude grown up American Pie). It really nails The Guy as well, which is wonderful to see. Recommended to the max.

I need to say it has a weird outcome though.. I have issues with this guy giving up pretty much everything that makes him him, just to have sex. Sex isn't worth loss of personality thanks much. Not now, not ever, was never, won't ever be. The one part of the movie that drops into TRUE immaturity is the bit where finally having sex is some kind of serendipitous epiphany that changes everything. Without getting overly intricate, being a male virgin is about insecurities, and that is all. The epiphany is about realising the stupidity of that insecurity over something as superfluous as a fuck.

The film closes on a philsophical nerve that pretty much reduces the Andy character into a big happy nothing for a moment of simple release, and it frustrated me.

Then again, it's a movie that starts out with a guy trying to take a leak with a hardon. Perhaps philosophy isn't what its all about ;)


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