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Friday, December 02, 2005

ICANN are apparently idiots

.xxx domains are postponed. AGAIN. There is no good reason on this planet for this to be so.

Some people say ICANN are postponing it because they've been pressured by US conservatives, which means one of two things:

  • ICANN are lapdogs to a government who wants to keep porn integrated with society in the tightest and most audacious way imaginable. Who are idiots.
  • ICANN are idiots.
As it is, porn sites sit side by side with, and There is literally no distinction between horse dong galleries and quantum mechanics research.
Here are some slight fringe benefits to .xxx domains:

  1. Improved browser and OS based parental control
  2. Improved search filters to stay on subject. Nothing more annoying than searching for "building a chair out of pyrewood" and getting midget sex. God knows i search for chairbuilding tutorials every four days or so.
  3. Improved marketing possibilities for the porn industry. They will no longer have to infringe on "decent" searches to get hits, which again will improve their public image as a niche market.
Just the parental control is good enough an argument imho: The porn, while a mainstay of the web and part of what drives technology forwards (the porn industry are first in line to use new tech for some reason, and that's where the money is), needs to be filtered out. There is no reason a 12 year old looking up a school subject or whatever needs to be assaulted by some of the stuff online, and proper filtering/parental control is something the web *needs sorely* and has needed since it started.

To postpone .xxx is counterproductive to the continued evolution of the net and it is diminishing the common value of the web. It's that simple.

A third option is that ICANN are actually pressured by rogue elements of the porn industry who want to maintain the current search engine anarchy where porn sits side by side with whatever. I'm sure they get a few extra hits out of it, but i'd be damned surprised if the majority of people will bother filtering out .xxx domains in the first place. Hmmm.


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