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Friday, December 30, 2005

Some game recommendations

King Kong (xbox, x360, ps2, gc)
Gunstar Super Heroes (gba)
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (ds)
Meteos (ds)
Burnout Legends (psp)
Mario Kart DS (ds obviously)

I know a bunch of these aren't recent, but they are just about devouring my time these days. It's nice to see the idea of a highscore hasnt been lost yet. Driving games have this inherently what
with the whole best lap thing, but action games have a tendency of losing it. Back in the deezy you'd be scored by the number of enemies you destroyed. Recent games rather score you by the skill with which you complete the section. King Kong scores you by number of shots vs number of hits vs number of kills, which makes you want to return to chapters after completion just to see how much better you can do. It's a tiny thing that makes a game last longer.

Meteos owns my sleep. I DREAM of this game. I had my time with Lumines, but Meteos... I think it somehow actually restructures your neurons in the shape of colored blocks arranged in sets of 3, so when they fire off they'll take other neurons with them and form combos. Every single morning, when i'm dozing, the image of dragging blocks into rows to turn them into rocket engines is like right in front of my eyes. It's uncanny. Haven't had this kind of weird obsession since Chu Chu Rocket on my Dreamcast.

Both Gunstar Super Heroes and Dawn of Sorrow really nail the sidescroller formula. You've got 2 buttons for about a dozen actions. Gunstar Heroes in particular has an uppercut, a flying kick, a jump, a drop kick, a drill kick and a sliding kick mapped to the A-button alone, and it never feels like too much. I wasnt part of the Sega Genesis days, what with the Sparkster games and the Gunstar Heroes whatnot, but i can totally see what it's all about. GSH is everything i wanted Astro Boy to be. Whatever Treasure was on when they did Astro Boy, it's all out of their system now. Total raditude.

Burnout Legends, as much as the PSP pisses me off, is really a lot of fun multiplayer. I remember being pissed off about the splitscreen demolishing the gameplay on my xbox, but handheld, networked, its glitch free and a ton of fun. At work it's grown to be a matter of honor. I'm ALMOST at the top of the ladder right now ;D

Mario Kart DS is a rockstar of a game. This is no "handheld version of a mario kart game". It's a legitimate evolution of the mario kart franchise. A true sequel. It fixes what i didnt like about double dash, and as awkward as it has been getting online to work (since i live in Norway and whatnot), when it does work it's got a really strange feeling to it.
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