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Monday, February 20, 2006

Games games!

To bust myself out of my currently notorious depressions, i spent some money on games! What a surprise huh ;) I picked up Mark Ecko's Getting Up : Contents under pressure (A title that's actually worse than Peter Jackson's King Kong the official game of the movie, simply because there's no reason for the extra fat) and Kirby Canvas Curse for the DS (which is titled Kirby Power Paintbrush in Europe. How lame).

Initial impressions are mixed. Kirby plays astonishingly well, so well in fact that my non-gamer sister played it equally well as me within moments of her first try (and her first encounter with the DS too, what the hell). If you're not familiar with the concept, it's a stylus-driven platformer, where you have little direct control of the character, but instead interact with the world around him by either tapping things or drawing lines. These lines can serve as paths for him to follow (going by the direction you drew the line), or as walls to keep him from danger, blocking bullets, lasers, fires, you name it. The game is no lightweight platformer by any standard, though it sounds like a tech demo. It actually gets pretty hectic, and every time i've died in it i've felt like it was my own fault. Wohoo! So much fun.

That Mark Ecko game thing is a really weird experience. I'm only halfway through it so i don't feel like i have the right to any real opinions yet, but it's an incredibly slow-paced game of prince of persia style jumping around and taking your time to do graffiti. The graff is beautiful, the storyline and world is surprisingly coherent, and RJ2D is responsible for most of the soundtrack, which is to say it's very very good. I'm unsure about the controls, which tend to be unresponsive and somewhat contrived, which is too bad because they were obviously designed with ease in mind. I guess it's a credit to the game that it made me want to do graff again.

I'll recommend them both so far simply because you're unlikely to find similar experiences anywhere else. Neither is a gamer's game mind you. If you're of the Ninja Gaiden or Halo or even Ikaruga school of gamer, you may not find them as interesting as i did.


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