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Monday, February 13, 2006

GameSpy... Again...

Who the hell FUNDS these idiots? Off the top of my head i can't think of a single reason GameSpy exists as a games site. The quality of writing is bad in ways i can't even begin to describe, the design and visual profile is bloated and irregular, and again. I can't BELIEVE the shittitude of the journalism. The reviews are inane and superficial, always averaging into that comfortable "it's bad but NOT BAD ENOUGH FOR BUYING HEY" area that ambivalent industry-driven bullshit sites enjoy.

An example; Will Tuttle's article on David Jaffe's talk at DICE06. The entire talk was about embracing innovation, breaking out of sequel patterns (which is really a fallacy of the movie industry) and in putting more focus on individual talent rather than studio names (Itagaki took this to heart years ago buddy). He also calls on reviewers to stop being so damn respectful and start calling out games in previews, level proper ballsy criticism (and i agree). However, Will "brains" Tuttle ends the article with this clear evidence that he got Jaffe's point: "OK, David, I'm taking my chance to push you now: make a sequel to God of War. Soon."


Read Gamespot for news, Eurogamer for reviews.


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