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Saturday, March 11, 2006


The past few posts have been about the most inane uninteresting shit imaginable. Sometimes my inner geek just takes over. Oh who am i kidding. I'm a complete nerd.

Anywho, now is where i randomly brief you on the somewhat strange things i hereby COMMAND YOU to start doing.

  1. When at the grocery store, randomly pick up an item from one segment of the store and place it in the least logical place for it. Examples being kitty litter in the meat counter, a cheap plastic toy in the fruit counter.. You get the idea. It's more satisfying than you'd think. Thank you forced entropy.
  2. Pay extra attention to the small things you do. Your mannerisms. Exaggerate them. Notice in particular how you handle your cell phone, or your credit card. Devise ways to exaggerate these meaningless motions. Add flair. Then perfect it. Create a needless skill for yourself to use in daily life, and often.
  3. Take the subway, tram, bus, whatever to the last stop. Just get on, don't get off until you must. Then take it back. As you travel, pay attention to the passing of time and the landscape around you. Pay attention to where you are, and how you are continuously transposed with no effort on your part.
I've got more on my mind but i can't properly construct the words in my sleepy head right now. There's something about the imagination and brute force i'd like to describe but my brain is mush. 'Tah.


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