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Monday, March 20, 2006

Less emo, more mario

Ok so i'm looking at these videos of New Super Mario Bros for the DS, and i'm passably excited. Mario platformers are cool and all but i always had a softer spot for Ninja Gaiden and Contra.


With all the media this game has gotten, how come nobody makes a stronger point out of the game's wifi two-player co-op? This marks, in my experience, the first time ever i will play a twoplayer coop platformer where the camera is a non-issue! Do you realize just how rad this is? You can have platformer levels where one player literally takes a completely different path, and both players have to solve problems on their end to assist the player on the other. You could have a super mario world type map where two players make independent progress, until they both go for the same level, and they both work together for the duration of it.

Jesus, let's not stop there. Let's think 4-player co-op platforming! I realise how non-cool it sounds to separate, but i like the sense that okay, we're facing a big circle of levels on the map, both paths ending at the same castle, but we'll need to unlock the castle gates by pressing buttons in levels diametrically opposite. So we split up, and rejoin at the castle to reap our rewards. It's co-op on a more epic and dynamic scale, and i have the hots for it.

New Super Mario Bros just made it to my must buy list. Jeez.


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