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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Haha, how can i NOT bring this up. Everyone else is.

My heart is telling me Nintendo is pulling our leg, and i'll be delighted at some new name at E3, but my stomach is telling me they're not fucking around.

I can't say i like the name, and i have yet to see a SINGLE positive opinion of it. I also haven't read any japanese feedback on the name, which is odd. You'd think we'd hear "the japanese like it" or something.

In the end it hardly matters. It only takes a picture of the unit to make me fall in love all over again.

Knifehandchop points out that the reactions aren't just along the lines of "that's dumb", but more like outright rage and fury. He goes on to point out that Nintendo fans have had to protect nintendo from its mistakes for forever, and that we're upset because once again Nintendo have made us do their publicity for them, aside from simply looking cool on their own for once.
I totally agree. I hope nintendo pulls a Sony/PS3-controller and gives us some affectionate understanding.

But there's just so much wrong here.. As far as i know the Wii name hasn't even been trademarked yet, which is pretty weird. You wouldn't announce that shit without having a solid copyright and patent for it, or peeps would be registering domains and junk across the board to steal your cash.

This smells fishy to da max.


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