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Saturday, May 06, 2006

E3 prelude

Coming up is E3, and i'm going for my first time. Flight's out on monday, so i'm trying my best to plan ahead; i have no real idea what E3 is like, so i think i may be acting like a beheaded chicken for a good bit of it.

I've been invited to a few parties, euro game developer stuff apparently. Considering i'm a slightly above average flash developer, i'm not sure if i should feel honored or terrified :) One thing is certain though: There will be drinkery. I have a secret wish to perhaps make a complete and utter nuisance out of myself at every opportunity, like breakdancing extremely poorly in front of everyone. I feel it may bring me joy.

What am i excited about this E3? It's tough, because frankly there isn't much. I'm sure there's something i've missed out on, but this next gen junk isn't exciting to me in the least. What do we have in store anyway, better graphics, same junky third person cameras, bigger budgets, same junky characters and gameplay contrivances; you know there's something wack when the biggest thing aside from hardware announcements is playable God of war 2. Yawn.

So Wii then. I want to see people use those crazy controllers and enjoying it. I'm sure the lines will be interstellar, so i'm more keen on just watching someone play. Red steel, god i hope that's more than a Time crisis with swords. Nintendo needs to impress this time around, i hope they can pull it off.

I thought the DS Lite was going to be available in the US during E3, but it appears i have been boned. I was hoping to pick up a few before coming home.. Perhaps that was a little optimistic :)

I'll be taking pictures and hopefully doing some day to day blogging over there. If there's anything in particular you'd like me to check out (since i can't put my finger on something other than Wii i'd like to really check out), leave it in a comment :)


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