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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Massive huge E3 picture post

By massive i mean the pictures are huge, since i'm too lazy to do thumbnails. Also most of the pictures are meaningless junk, youll find better elsewhere. But i found this stuff interesting though.
A new dragons lair, whut? I like the "full game with/without deaths" menu thing. Who the hell would play dragons lair without the deaths, they're the entire point of the game!

Best game at E3. Easy.

Totally stoked about this one. Gradius colection for psp = rad.

The FEAR expansion has a minigun in it that totally blows shit up good. Awesome,

The lightgun attachment for the Wii

The Wii classic controller.Note that it connects to the Wii remote by the expansion slot, meaning you'll have the remote hanging off it as you use it. Kind of weird.

The Wii booth had people on a roundtable spinning trying to look cool and controlled. It was really weird and kind of creepy.

The Wii hardware. It is so sexy! Note the control bar on the left, which you'll be placing in front of or on top of your tv. The Wii's motion control calibrates to that bar rather than your tv, so there's going to be some kind of software calibration when you first start up your console. I guess itll be some kind of "point at the four crosses" test.

Wow those "normal people" sure look like they're having fun!

I thought this was interesting; the Neverwinter nights 2 editor lets you paint terrain freehand. Bybye tiles, bybye #1 pet peeve about NWN.

These dudes kept getting in my way: This is a god damn vintage R-type arcade cabinet, and i wanted to play so bad! Instead i have to fight sweaty large men to just get a simple shot of the screen, to no avail. Damn you guys! DAMN YOU!!!11

Finally for now, a shot of just how influential WoW has been on MMORPG interfaces. I think this game is called "vanguard" or something. The UI looks *identical* to wow's.


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