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Monday, May 01, 2006

Vril + Thule madness

Finally found time to wiki Vril and Thule. If you're unfamiliar with the terms, the Vril and Thule Gesellschaft (society) were occultist secret societies that included and served as advisors for prominent nazi leaders. We look at Indiana Jones and laugh at it, but then you look up Ahnenerbe and realize just what kind of crazy these fools were.

I find the stories about Vril in particular fanciful to where it becomes delightful; The Vril society was apparently something of an inner circle, a big boys club within the already naughty Thule society, and most importantly (for me), they were technologists and considered their work science.

These were people that believed they could build flying saucers that could occupy space in any way its pilot should require it to, meaning flight, invisibility, teleportation, you name it. Where did they get this knowledge from you ask? Why from aryan aliens on Alpha tauri, 93 light years away of course! As hilarious of an idea as "aryan aliens" is, apparently they built one of these devices under the moniker JFM, or Jenseitsflugmaschine (other world flying machine) that underwent some form of testing:

"Two years of channeled flight research was performed with the JFM until 1924 when the machine was hurriedly dismantled for reasons unknown and moved to Augsburg where it eventually was placed in storage at Messerschmitt's facility."

I find this absolutely hilarious.

All this madness leads me to conclude that nazi germany is what happens when artists are given uninhibited power. Fucking crazy artists.

Anywho, interesting reading:


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