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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gall bladder removal

It's been a year or so since my gall bladder was declared "abnormally damaged" (thanks stressful work and genetics) and had to be removed.

I understand that my case was extreme and that i had little choice in the matter.

What i WILL call foul however, was *every fucking doctor i consulted* assuring me that i would feel literally no difference in terms of eating habits unless i "ate a particularly massive christmas dinner". If you're about to undergo this kind of surgery, and some doctor feeds you this bullshit, keep in mind that the resulting sideeffects of the surgery is so different from person to person that there's literally no reliable statistic.

So let me share my eating experiences. These are unpleasant details.

Water, or really any liquid on an empty belly = cramps, pain, possible diarrhea.
Green apples = cramps, pain. Dies out after about 5 minutes.
Ice cream = *guaranteed* cramps and diarrhea within 15 minutes. Depends somewhat on the brand of ice cream; i've had little ish with Haagen Dazs, but other brands will destroy me.
Tough meats = cramps and pain

Alcohol. Beer is a major no-no. Liquor is okay, i've had some issues when a lot of it goes down. Nothing like the absolute, mindblowing agony of the cramps it used to give me when i still had my wrecked gall bladder.

Worst of all, some days just fall apart by the seams. I've had days when i wake up with cramps, get more cramps when i eat, and go to bed hungry at night because i simply can't eat anything. Sometimes this goes on for days.

Don't get me wrong; now is *nothing* compared to the mind shattering debilitating pain of what i used to go through, but don't let any whitecoat tell you you can keep on living like you used to. Today, eating is like a puzzle, and my options can become very very boring at times. Sometimes i wish i could get it all in pill form so i didnt have to think about it. Nothing sucks more than being invited to a dinner and having to turn down the meal because you simply can't take it.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Thought i'd chime in and say the designternet's response to Nintendo's Wii pricing and bundle is a load of pathetic bullshit. Get on the waahmbulance retards, if you don't want it, don't buy it, and if you DO want it, you expected not to have to pay for it? This is Nintendo we're talking about here. IIRC, they've never bundled more than the bare basics. Complaining like a little bitch isn't going to do you any good, so ooh aah, i guess you'll just have to save up the OVERWHELMING amount of FIFTY DOLLARS to be able to afford the thing. How cheap do you have to get?

Now, here's hoping it doesnt blow. Sounds to me like it's got more issues than i was aware of. Still anxious to see it work in a home environment, especially my weird vga-box driven one.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Winter norway

Soon it'll be here again..

Think frozen concrete, black overcast skies, freezing cold, heated sidewalks melting the snow into a filthy sludge made worse by the sludge sprayed in by passing traffic (because our government insists oslo is a traffic-centric city, thus puts more emphasis on clear roads than clear sidewalks). Think getting up in the morning faced with putting on 4 layers of clothing, and preparing to trudge through the morning rat race, dodging airconditioned public transportation as best you can (doing your best to avoid the few places in wintertime where viruses flourish). Think about junkies and addicts and beggars looking a hundred times sadder than any other time of the year, and think of their desperation pushing the crime rate.

It is bleak, bleak, bleak.

Then again, think spending cold nights with your loved ones, watching a movie you all love, having a cup of warm chocolate. Think of the lazy weekends spent feeling completely fine about staying indoors, tending to your nerdy hobbies. Think about wrapping yourself in a soft blanket friday night. Think about not having to give, pardon me french, a flying piece of crap about fashion, and being allowed to wear the most retarded junk in your wardrobe in the name of keeping warm.

It's like a surreal refuge from everything popular media teaches us about society. As a man, you learn to appreciate female parts other than the curvy ones, as eyes, lips, smiles and nervous laughs take on a whole new dimension of intrigue, and then when it's summer again, walking down the street on a warm day in a tee and shorts, eating gelato with your friends, it's like childhood christmas all over again :)

Norway is a love it or hate it country. It's a safe, quiet and dare i say quaint country that believes it's more than it really is, but it's also filled with people facing the same predicament every year: how to cope with the flux. In a sense, it unites us far more than any flag could. I love this country, for all its agonizing winters, and i think it makes me a better man, or at least a more humble one.