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Monday, October 23, 2006

Why Tomonobu Itagaki is a Smashing Gent

  • 1UP: I'm just trying to imagine putting that to good use somewhere else in another game. Like using those waves for water battles in Ninja Gaiden 2. I could see Ryu Hayabusa jumping on top of waves and fighting seaborne enemies or something like that.

    TI: I think Ryu Hayabusa would look cooler maybe doing some deep sea fishing.

  • [TI:]Then I saw them and said, "You can't have fish not do anything!" Of course the guys were like, "Oh god, here he goes again,"

  • (on the topic of the Ninja Gaiden ghost fish THOSR FUCKERS)
    'I looked at the guy who worked on this and I said, "What is this; what's the point?" And he said it was "for atmosphere." I said, "This is an action game. You can't just put something in there for atmosphere that is taking up memory and disc space. You either take it out or make it an enemy and do what I say because this is an action game."'

  • (On the MGS4 TGS trailer)
    So as I was looking at the trailer and when Snake started smoking I thought, "Yes! They have him smoking -- that's great."

*in awe*

Full interview on 1UP


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