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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Game list Geek-out

Thought, for the hell of it, i'd list all my games, or games i have boxes for at least, and check which ones i feel like i truly played to their fullest and really got enjoyment from. The sad thing is, a fairly large percentage of these never get any time at all, but i still feel horror at the thought of selling them or getting rid of them somehow. Even the truly awful ones, like Fallout Brotherhood of steel. I need to tone down my purchases and just really play games instead of just getting 3 at a time and only giving 1 of them the time of day.

\o/ - Good
>_< - Bad
O_o - Meh

Keep in mind, ratings-wise, i am extremely lenient. As a friend pointed out recently, i take a somewhat academic interest in certain games, and as such i am capable to a fault of finding redeeming qualities, be they artistic, spiritual or some other esoteric crap.

Nintendo DS
Mario & Luigi partners in time \o/
Super mario 64 DS >_<
Mario Kart DS \o/
Metroid prime hunters O_o
Meteos \o/
Sonic rush \o/
Castlevania dawn of sorrow \o/
Tetris DS \o/
Animal Crossing WW \o/
New super mario bros \o/
Clubhouse games \o/

Sony PSP
Daxter O_o
Metal Gear Acid
Metal Gear Acid 2 \o/
Wipeout Pure \o/
Pursuit force O_o
Burnout legends O_o
GTA Liberty city stories O_o
Megaman Powered up \o/
Ultimate ghosts and goblins \o/

Nintendo Gamecube
Legend of Zelda: Four swords adventure \o/
Legend of Zelda: The wind waker \o/
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time / Master quest \o/
Eternal darkness \o/
Fire emblem \o/
Prince of persia warrior within O_o
Super mario sunshine O_o
Pikmin \o/
Resident Evil Zero \o/
Metroid Prime \o/
Resident Evil \o/
Resident Evil 4 \o/
Starfox adventures O_o
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance >_<
Metal Arms: Glitch in the system O_o
Final Fantasy crystal chronicles \o/
Freedom Fighters \o/
Super monkey ball \o/
F-Zero GX \o/
Super Smash Bros Melee \o/
Viewtiful Joe \o/
Animal Crossing \o/
Killer 7 \o/
Soulcalibur 2

Sony Playstation 2
Psychonauts \o/
Metal gear solid 3 \o/
Tekken 5 O_o
Guitar hero \o/
Gunbird special ed
Forbidden Siren 2 \o/
Ghosthunter O_o
Sly 2 \o/
Silent hill 3 \o/
ICO \o/
King of fighters 2000-2001 O_o
Project Zero 3 \o/
Dark Chronicle \o/
Final Fantasy X2 O_o
Jak 3 O_o
God of war \o/
Batman begins O_o
Soulcalibur 3 \o/
Samurai Warriors O_o
Kingdom hearts 2 \o/
We love katamari \o/
Katamari Damacy \o/
Hitman Blood money O_o
Urban Chaos \o/
Urbz >_<
Ace Combat 5 \o/
Shadow of the colossus \o/
Shinobido \o/
Tomb raider legends \o/
Black O_o
R-type Final \o/
Outrun 2006 O_o
Driver Parallel Lines >_<
Rumble Roses >_<

Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Megaman Zero 2 \o/
Mario & Luigi superstar saga \o/
Advance wars 2 \o/
The Legend of Zelda: The minish cap \o/
Megaman EXE \o/
Gunstar Future Heroes \o/

Microsoft XBOX
Street fighter anniversary collection \o/
Ninja Gaiden \o/
Ninja Gaiden Black \o/
King Kong \o/
Dead or Alive Ultimate (1 and 2) \o/
Predator: Concrete jungle O_o
Thief: Deadly shadows \o/
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks O_o
Mark Echo's Getting Up O_o
Splinter Cell chaos theory \o/
Call of Cthulhu - Dark corners of the earth \o/
Psi-ops O_o
Timesplitters 2 O_o
Fallout - Brotherhood of steel >_<
DOAX >_<
Jet Set Radio Future O_o
Crimson Skies \o/
Project Zero \o/
Project Zero 2 \o/
Burnout 3 \o/
Burnout Revenge \o/
Fable \o/
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate destruction \o/
Spider-man 2 O_o
007 Everything or nothing O_o
Unreal Championship 2 O_o
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow O_o
Otogi \o/
Mercenaries \o/
Tenchu: Return from darkness O_o
Halo \o/
Halo 2 O_o
Metal Slug 3 \o/
Chronicles of Riddick \o/
Ghost recon 2 >_<
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee O_o
Oddworld: Stranger's wrath \o/
Destroy all humans! O_o
Metal gear solid 2 \o/

Microsoft XBOX360
Perfect Dark Zero O_o
Ghost recon Advanced Warfighter \o/
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion \o/
Dead Rising \o/

XBOX360 Live Arcade
Doom \o/
Geometry Wars O_o
Hexic HD \o/
Outpost Kaloki X \o/
Smash TV \o/
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 O_o

Sega Dreamcast
Ecco \o/
Floigan Bros O_o
Sonic Adventure \o/
Sonic Adventure 2 O_o
Tech Romancer \o/
Rival Schools 2 \o/
Ooga Booga \o/
Jet Grind Radio \o/
Maken X O_o
Resident Evil Code Veronica \o/
Grandia 2 \o/
Crazy Taxi 2 \o/
Ultimate Fighting Championship \o/
Ikaruga \o/
Psyvariar 2 \o/
Border Down \o/

Windows (Too many to remember, but i try anyway)
Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War + expansions \o/
Beyond good and evil \o/
Warcraft 3 \o/
Baldurs gate 2 \o/
Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines \o/
System Shock 2 \o/
FEAR \o/
Neverwinter Nights \o/
Silent Hunter 3 \o/
Defcon \o/
Halflife 2 \o/
Sin: Emergence \o/
Thief \o/
Thief 2 \o/
Thief 3 \o/
Deus Ex \o/
Quake 4
GTA San Andreas \o/
Dungeon Siege 2 \o/
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (yep i got doubles, what's it to ya) \o/
Jagged Alliance 2 \o/
Fallout \o/
Fallout 2 \o/
Fallout Tactics
Leisure suit larry series (all of em) \o/
Space Quest series \o/
Monkey Island series \o/
Grim Fandango \o/
Full Throttle \o/
Wizardry 8 \o/

Game Boy original (my first console!)
TMNT: Fall of the foot clan \o/
Tetris \o/
Heiankyo alien
Ghostbusters 2 (yep) >_<
Zelda: Link's awakening \o/
Super mario land \o/
Super mario land 2 O_o
Terminator 2 >_<
Probotector \o/
Batman \o/
Hunt for the Red October >_<
Tiny Toon Adventures \o/
Nemesis O_o
R-Type \o/
Dr Mario (such a disappointment. This broke my heart) >_<
Battletoads \o/


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