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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wii launch coming up

Eight days until the Wii launches in norway.

I will freely admit that i'm more excited about the Wii than i have been about any game console since the SNES launch. There is none of the apprehension i felt about the DS; the motion sensing technology isn't new, but this is the first time it's been realised to this extent. I never paid much attention to the hardware race; I still play most of my games on handhelds after all, and the most technically proficient handheld out there was also the least fun to use.

I've got a preorder at EB i can't wait to pick up. Strangely, i'm ambivalent about bagging a good launch title on day one. I'm pretty sure i can manage just fine with Wii sports until the inevitable Zelda shortages end. If i'm lucky i'll get a copy of Rayman raving rabbids too.

If anything, even more strange i guess, i want to buy the Wii on launch day to buy a Wii. There is none of the fear i had of wasting my money when i bought my 360. That time i really couldn't come up with a good reason to pay that kind of money for a gaming device, so the whole occurance was somewhat of a fluke. Good thing that eventually panned out alright. For the Wii, i genuinely want to support what Nintendo is trying to do. The idea is so right; it's about fun, not "the experience", because the experience comes with the fun. Gears of war is pretty, but we keep playing it because it's fun. It isn't fun because of the graphics, it's fun because sawing prepostorously proportioned people in half is hilarious. Imagine the sawing possibilities Wii offers us! D to the r to the double o l

I've gone so far as to dream about owning the Wii. In my dream, when i took it out of the box, it was already connected to my tv.


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