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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Xbox live as of the 360...

...has become quite a bit better. Live on the original xbox turned me off bigtime, but since Gears of War came out i've gotten into quite a bit of good games with some pretty awesome individuals, and when played in good company, the experience is truly slick.

I have a few gripes. The biggest of which is Live360's hatred of clans. For such a communitycentric device, they sure like keeping people apart where it counts; getting into games together. For instance, in the case of GoW, clan support is supposedly stripped out because ranked matches are always randomized to avoid cheaters. This is complete bullshit for a teambased game.

Some fixes:
  • Add a separate clan ladder, randomize clan matchups
  • Give points to *clans*, not individuals.
  • Allow groups of friends to be set up on each individual 360, so users can send invites to whole groups of individuals with one action.
To my simple mind, this sounds like work that is definitely doable. If Live had this settled it'd effectively add clan support for any and all games that support teams. Glory days.
I suspect GoW won't be beating out Halo 2 all the way until something clan-ish is in place.
As is, ranked GoW matches are something i won't touch with a ten foot pole.


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