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Thursday, December 07, 2006

No VGA for Wii

So there's no official VGA output for the Wii, as i previously thought. While this is no big deal to people who actually own a TV, i run all my video through an LCD monitor. When the 360 dropped with a proper VGA solution and i no longer had to run my visuals through my XGA box, i feared i had died and gone to heaven. No such luck with the Wii.

In terms of convenience, this is a major bummer.

So what options do i have? It's pretty limited, but it might work out just the same.
I wasn't aware of this, but apparently converting to VGA from component output isn't anywhere near as big a deal as it has been with composite or s-video. In fact there's a ready supply of component->VGA transcoders out there, some of which are rather cheap. I've been looking at this one and it looks like it'll fit my bill exquisitely. As for the component cable, now that MadCatz have released their third party Wii component cable, it would appear supply will be in ready demand.

On a tangent, i find Nintendo's apparent newfound love for third party hardware strangely appealing. It'll be interesting to see if that pans out to some actual third party hardware support


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