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Monday, January 01, 2007

Bioshock, my 360 is HOWLING for your company

Since i got the Wii, my 360 has seen progressively less play. It could be that i'm all played out on Gears of war online (it needs a patch, srsly), or that i'm not getting Vegas until i can get a reliable co-op partner, but mostly it's my need for peace and quiet in my life right now, and frankly, the 360 sounds like there are gale force winds spelunking in there.

I had almost forgotten how quiet consoles can be. We have become so accustomed to consoles needing multiple fans, disc drives, or motors in general, that we've forgotten a time when you switched on the SNES or Genesis and all you ever heard from it was the click of the power switch.
The 360 is hopefully the noisiest console we'll ever see, because it is seriously crazy. WHOOOSH.

I want Bioshock so bad i can taste it. I have so much faith in Irrational it borders on the irrational. They truly represent Looking Glass to me.

I look at this screen, and something in me just snaps. It's a steampunk mutant with a drill.. In a graveyeard, in a garden, in an art deco underwater city, in the 60s. I can try, hard, but i'll be damned if i can come up with a more perfect setting for a survival horror FPS.


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