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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crackdown smackdown

Straight up, the Crackdown demo has me convinced. It is rough around the edges, but at its core it's fun in the same way Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was fun. It's just a hugely liberating game, complete with a Verhoeven-esque ironic fascist slant on the future-as-logical-conclusion.

Visually gorgeous, with a subtle cel-shading effect that really plays to the strengths of the engine, and with incredibly fitting sound design. Smashing things this way hasn't really been fun since said Hulk game, and it's about time we got more of it.

Definitely check out the demo on Live. I haven't tried it co-op yet but i'm terrified at how immense that might turn out. I'm literally drooling.

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