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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nintendo: Some suggestions follow

I enjoy this here Wii thing you created. I enjoy it much.
However, i must admit a slight tickle of the fearing sort imagining the interface you have created for managing friends and messages within the context of online multiplayer, or even the device's functionality as a community facility.

You appear to have made the assumption that, at an absolute maximum, i will have something like 5 registered friends in my adress book. However, as antisocial as i am, i already have two pages full, and i have a good few more coming. With a list as such, and with online multiplayer on the horizon, i have to ask; how do you intend to facilitate easy communication between groups of individuals rather than simple one-to-one messaging?

Rather than expect a response, i will provide my own personal suggestions for a Wii frontend update, if only to have said it and gain some peace of mind.

  1. Allow me to add more than one recipient for a message
    This seems simple enough. Instead of returning to the message upon selecting a recipient, allow me to "tag" multiple recipients from my adress book and press an "ok" button.
  2. Give us a real message board
    If i have registered John and Mike. And John and Mike have registered me and eachother, shouldn't we be allowed to exchange messages freely as a group, or even DISCUSS through these messages? Give us functionality that allows us to send messages to a public "friends" board, accessible by all registered friends, and readable in chronological top to bottom order rather than the freeform postits-on-a-calendar paradigm. Make it a separate "tab" on the message board screen.
  3. Automatically notify friends when a new game is used on the machine
    A wonderfully underestimated aspect of Xbox Live is the ability to quickly assess what games your friends play and to what extent they appear to enjoy them. A simple implementation of something like it is to be able to send an automatic notice to your registered friends that you have played a game on your Wii you have never played before.
  4. Automatically notify friends when you have achieved generic game goals
    Auto-brag! Tell my friends i've completed Zelda! Tell them i'm Pro at Wii Sports Bowling!
  5. Tag a Mii as ME
    Automatically send it to registered friends and update it whenever i change it.
  6. Let me rate VC games
    Right now there's nothing worse on the Wii than getting a VC game that sucks. Allow me to rate VC games with a 1-5 star scale. When i enter the Virtual Console store, display my registered friends' ratings as an average. If 5 of my friends play a game and rate it at an average of 4 stars, i'll know it's at least worth a purchase. You have no demo functionality like Live Arcade, and frankly you need something like it. This would help greatly.
None of these suggestions require real alteration of your existing online framework, only software on the user end, and would improve the experience quite a bit. As is, my Wii friends are nothing but entries in an adress book, when they could be my Wii community

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