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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Privately owned luxury subs for ultimate greatness
*starts saving up*

This is a moment for mad ramblings.
If i had the money to construct/maintain that thing i'd:

  • Hire a crew made up entirely of hot asian chicks and/or ninjas. Combination is also acceptable. Hot ninja chicks.

  • Make them wear uniforms that have my name on it, maybe even my face embroidered

  • Train a small army of dolphins to defend the sub from angry whales

  • Hire an angry whale

  • Christen the thing "Deathshark", give it shark decals like jaws etc

  • Paint the thing ninja black.

  • Fill the thing with traps, in case of boarding by pirates.

  • Install a way to electrify the hull in case of boarding by primitive tribes

  • Install an unbelievable sound system. On the outside of the hull. When i'm under the ice caps, scubadivers off hawaii will hear creepy music

  • Arm the thing. Somehow! Please?

If we all get in on it now we could have a FLEET! Imagine! We could rove the seas, solving environmental problems with our supreme knowledge of the seas!

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