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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sofa cliques, or Why Gaming And Club Scenes Fail

I've thrown a few club events, and without fail, if you ever allow your patrons to become comfortable, you've lost all recruitment to the scene. You have what we call "sofa cliques". You know the type, you enter the venue, and there's like 6 guys sitting around a table talking. Commonly, you'll have several. One in the sofa, one at the bar, one standing in the corner. Instantly, that door is shut for you socially. You come in the door, you immediatly feel discarded.

No matter how rad the music is, if the people into that music are dicks, or you wind up sitting there alone, you're not going to want to partake.

The solution? Keep throwing curveballs. Every party i've thrown since we picked this up have been multiple demographic events. Electro/Reggae/Industrial. Breakcore/ambient/hiphop. Hiphop/jungle/schranz. If you break up preconceptions like that, keeping people on their toes and never letting the attendance coagulate, you get an equally confused and confounded audience every time, and they find unity in their confusion.

Many, confused and happy > few, knowledgable and content.

If anything, the term "gamer" has fucked us up. We have a "language" now. We have "terms". It makes gaming look like buying into a social group, and it really isn't. It should be about pushing the buttons to solve problems, and coming out of it with a smile on your face. Not coming out of it with "cred".

Fuck gamerscores. Fuck kudos. Gamerscores and achievements = sofa clique generators.

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