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Monday, April 02, 2007

Wii SD card support sucks almost as bad as the holocaust

I, like many, bought a Wii. It has this thing on it called the virtual console(tm), which indeed lets you play old emulated games. These games take up space. Most are quite small, but some are relatively large. The Wii has 512mb internal memory. I am about to run out.

The Wii has SD card support. To me, this seems logical: cheap and affordable space expansion. Except it doesn't expand shit.

Games can't be saved directly to SD.
Saves can't be read directly from SD.
VC games can't be downloaded directly to SD.
VC games can't be played directly from SD.
Saves or VC games can't be moved quickly from SD to internal memory or vice versa. This requires a copy-then-delete approach.

VC games saved to SD are only playable on the downloading console: this i understand.
Savegames copied to SD can only be loaded by the originating console: this is so blindly retarded i don't even know where to begin chastising it.

What the hell is up with this? I hope to dear god there's going to be some kind of system update to fix the file management, because this is stupid on a level most definitions of poor software design can only imagine beginning to relate to.

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