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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gamespot rating system is.. odd...

I know the recent revision to Gamespot's ratings, basically rounding off to halves and adding "achievements" meant well, but i'm confused as to why they still have the decimals at all. Especially when faced with such things as this:

Warhawk : 8.5
Metroid Prime 3 : 8.5

I'm sorry, but i've played both. Warhawk is fun, but it's another Battlefield clone. Prime 3 was apparently "not so good" for being like the previous 2 games in the trilogy. Y'know. Aside from having completely new controls.

We didn't hate on Prime for being different from Super Metroid, so wtf is up now?

These two games don't match up in this way, at least not when you're decimal specific. I argue that decimals are removed. Both getting an 8 i can stand for. Both being equally close to a 9 is weirding me out.

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