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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mirror's Edge makes me hungry

Latest issue of Edge has a sizable feature on DICE's new first person action adventure, Mirror's Edge, which is being described as a sort of dystopian sci fi first person prince of persia. Think about that for a moment as you look at the design for the protagonist:

That, is BAD ASS. I like this new trend of female protagonists that circumvent classical conceptions of sex appeal and come off triple sexy because of it. Heavenly sword's Nariko was a strong deviation from the Lara Croft formula, and now this. Good job lads!

I heartily recommend picking up this issue just for the article and accompanying concept art. It's some of the most striking stuff i've seen in ages. DICE are describing totalitarian society as "too clean", and the art style reflects this. It's got a Perfect Dark Zero kind of quality to it, without the wet clay look.

I can't wait until there are videos for this thing. The way Edge describes the feedback from walking to sprinting is something i've wanted to see for years. Running in games have always been too slow, never capturing how outright fun it is to run, and why we loved to run as kids.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on this one. 360 and PS3 baby. Fuck yeah.

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