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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bruno Sanfilippo blows my mind

The latest edition of Ultima Thule is dedicated to Bruno Sanfilippo's latest album, simply titled Piano Textures.

listen to Piano Texture 3

It's melancholy, lonely ambient on a level i haven't heard in a long time. Simply numbered rather than titled, tracks 3 and 8 in particular put me in a place that makes me want to curl up and cry.

I often feel as though ambient music is the only genre that can truly transport us somewhere else, sometimes completely changing our state of mind in an instant. I tend to gravitate towards the harsher, darker side of it, but Sanfilippo's work is gentle and moving, and should be listened to by anyone.

Another favorite for me, right next to Lucisferrato's Ingermanland.

Listen to the Ultima Thule broadcast, check out the samples on his site, and if you enjoy it, please buy this album to support this brilliant musician.

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