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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Open screen project

I'm stoked. For all us developers this basically kills a ton of aggravations we've struggled with for ages. Joolz on the flashlounge mailing list sums it up beautifully:

1) From the point of view of developers, it will be as if there is one flash player to write for. No more Flash Lite and different versions of Actionscript for different platforms. Write once, run everywhere.

2) The general idea is that there will now be a uniform consistency for interfaces across all embeddable devices - TV's, cable boxes, mobile phones, microwave ovens, whatever.

3) There will be no fee payable by companies that embed the Flash Player in devices. Companies implementing Flash previously had to pay a licence fee. The removal of the fee will drive adoption.

4) The api used to implement Flash on a device, has now been opened.

5) Competing Flash Players will now be allowed. Anyone will now be able to write a flash player, previously something that was restricted under licence terms. The significance of this is greater than it seems. One of the criticisms of Flash has been: "What happens if Adobe goes out of business?".

6) The Open Screen Project has been adopted by every important business in the world with the exception of Apple and Google. The massive support for this initiative means almost certain success and much wider adoption of Flash as a platform. Apple with the iPhone and Google with Android, would be the losers if there were a successful adoption of Flash across all imaginable devices.

Basically, those are the nuts and bolts of it. If successful, it could have dramatic effects on the adoption of Flash across the world of devices. The type of device on which Flash could be implemented, is now open ended. It could be the dashboard for your next car."

Fucking spectacular. Personally i'm hoping for videogames adopting flash for 2d UI. I've been wanting Flash to "officially" branch away from web development for years and years, and finally Adobe is doing it right.

Kick ass!

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